A Change of Heart

a-change-of-heartDr. Nikhil “Nic” Joshi had everything he ever wanted with his marriage and career but then it all stops. He will lose the woman he loves through a tragedy. His wife will have stumbled on a black market organ transplant ring and will die trying to expose it. After two years Nic was still grieving but then Jess Koirala comes into his life.

A Change of Heart is a novel by Sonali Dev. So I have really liked reading the other two novels from Sonali Dev and I was looking forward to reading another story by her. Then I heard it was about Nic and Jen, but Jen was dead. I was hesitant to read this but I tried anyways and when I finished I have to say I was disappointed. This novel is very different than what I had expected from Sonali Dev. Now I don’t want all the books from an author to be the same, that would be very boring and too predictable, but with how this story was written I just wasn’t into the plot and I couldn’t connect with the characters.

If she writes another story I will certainly try it as I liked two out or three of her books.


One thought on “A Change of Heart

  1. Exactly how I felt about this one.

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