Because of Miss Bridgerton

Because of Miss BridgertonBillie Bridgerton family were good friends of the Rokesby and everyone always assumed that she would marry Edward or Andrew. No one would expect George as they never worked well together. Though something will change for Billie as she starts to see George differently.

George Rokesby was the heir of the family and the one that was protected. He was older than his siblings and always the responsible one. He though of Billie as an annoyance but then his feelings will change. He will see Billie in a new light and realize that he wanted her.

Because of Miss Bridgerton is the first book from Rokesby by Julia Quinn. I really loved that Julia Quinn is back with the Bridgertons and this book was really great. Now this is not with the siblings of the Bridgertons, this is with the aunt of those siblings when she was twenty three years old. This book did not focus on the Bridgertons but the Rokesby family.

Billie was often treated like one of the boys. She was always helping her father with the things on the estate. She also was never able to sit still. I liked that Billie was a tomboy and a free spirit. I also liked that she could be feminine if she wanted, it was just hard for her to show that she was interested especially with George. Now George’s character was a bit boring or that is how his siblings portrayed him to be. I liked that he was a man of habit but that was not all of him. George was a passionate man and good man looking out for those to help. The interaction between the two character is cute as they do banter back and fourth but it is playful, they just don’t see that yet.

Julia Quinn will be continuing this series but the next book is coming out in May of 2017. So I have a little bit of wait but I am looking forward to continuing the series.

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