The Nemesis Affair

The Nemesis AffairLiam Kelly was a retired rugby player and he needed an outlet. With the help of his friend he put out a job application for a professional nemesis. The job required the nemesis to push Liam to work out and get out his aggression. Liam found an applicant, Sam, and liked him immediately from the text. Liam will be shocked that Sam was actually a woman.

Samantha Hess was jobless and looking for a job, any job. She will find one being a professional nemesis. Sam was hesitant as she was not assertive but she found herself liking the job. But then feelings start to play into the job when Sam finds herself attracted to Liam.

The Nemesis Affair is a novel by Erin McCarthy. This is a quick and fun book and a little strange with a job being a professional nemesis.

Liam’s character was a tough guy who needed an outlet and that outlet was someone yelling at him to work out harder. I thought the idea was a little strange but it kind of made sense. It was comical when Liam finds out Sam is a woman and that makes him work harder to impress her. Sam’s character was passive especially when it comes to getting what she wants. I liked that Sam’s character grows to be more assertive. She becomes a stronger person but she is still scared which shows at the end. Though she will become brave a take a chance which I liked.

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