Viscount of Vice

Viscount of ViceHenry Flynn, Lord Chesham, was a man who led a life that was of pleasure and foolish antics. Flynn will find himself changing when his life gets complicated, his missing brother will be found.

Lady Emma Talbot has loved Henry Flynn for several years but knows that he could never love her. She will find herself suddenly with Henry as she tries to help him when his life gets turned upside down, hers will be as well.

Viscount of Vice is a novella prequel to the series Covent Gardens Cubs by Shana Galen. I liked this novella. I got into the story right away with the situation that Flynn found himself in. Though I found Flynn at times a little too much. He was over the top which played to his character. I did think that his interaction with his brother was correct. Emma’s character was someone who was becoming a wallflower. She knew she had to marry but she wanted one time to feel passion. I liked Emma who was good in a tough situation.

So there was another character which I liked, Sir Brook Derring. He was introduced in this novella and will be in the other novels. His job is to find those children who were missing and they were missing because of a man named Satin who was the leader of the gang. Satin didn’t have that much of a role in the novella as it focuses more on the characters of Emma and Flynn.

I only have one more book to read in the series which is with Sir Brook Derring, which I can’t wait to read.


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