Luring Lucy

Luring LucyLucy wanted passion and she was determined to get that passion from a one night stand, then Bram stops her. She will be shocked when Bram offers her a week together where he will show her what she had missed. Lucy was hesitant but will agree because the heat between them was undeniable.

Bram was furious that Lucy wanted to have an affair with someone else. He wanted that man to be him and him alone as he had loved Lucy for years. Bram was determined to show Lucy that they could work together by giving her a week of passion.

Luring Lucy is a novella by Lori Foster. This was a good quick and steamy novella that was enjoyable to read. I liked these characters but they were certainly not drawn out a much as they could have been. Though being a novella Foster does a good job with describing the characters and their traits.

So this book is pretty much about sex. There is not a lot of deep thinking but I liked the characters which made the story enjoyable. These characters were about 40 and one had already made the leap to 40. A lot of the stories I read are with couples who are in their twenties or with the romance novels its usually debutantes and the heroes are getting closer to their thirties. I liked that the characters were more mature and it gave their second chance that much sweeter.

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