The Leopard Prince

The Leopard PrinceLady Georgina Maitland doesn’t want a husband to run her estates. All she needed was a good steward, Harry Pye, but she will have a problem when she starts to feel things for the man.

Harry Pye prided himself on doing his job well but Lady Georgina was distracting. He will want her for himself but knows that would be impossible. The situation gets worse when he is thought to be a murderer but Georgina will stand by his side.

The Leopard Prince is the second book of the series Princes Trilogy by Elizabeth Hoyt. I had read the first book around three or four years ago and I had liked that book but I wasn’t amazed by it. I have to say I have the same feelings for this book. It wasn’t that there was anything really boring about the book but I just felt I was reading for the sake of reading. That is the complete opposite in the Maiden Lane series where I have loved each and every book.

So I will say that I liked the second book a little more. The reason being there was the intrigue of a murder that had happened in the village. The man suspected was Harry Pye but as the reader you knew he could not have been the murderer. It was not just in the his character. I did like Georgina and how driven and independent she was in her life.

I am on to the third book next. I don’t know if I will be blown away by the book but I am interested in trying as Elizabeth Hoyt is one of my favorite authors.

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