Holding Strong

Holding StrongDenver Lewis had wanted Cherry but he didn’t like the idea of sharing her, and she flirted with every man. Denver though will soon learn that Cherry was just a natural flirt and that there was much more to the woman. She will bring out his protective side and Denver will do anything to protect her from harm.

Cherry Peyton wanted Denver since the moment that she saw him, and everyday she fell a little more in love with him. Though every time she came close to him, he avoided her at all cost. Cherry will get her chance to be with Denver, but the next day things will start to get out of hand especially when her past comes back to haunt her.

Holding Strong is the second book to the Ultimate series by Lori Foster. I loved this book. I could not put it down even though I had to put it down and go to work.

I thought that this book held a little surprise with the character Cherry. You wouldn’t have known that she was a shell of a girl back when she was a teenager. Or that she survived so much tragedy and abuse when she was growing up. Cherry was stronger than she believed. Denver’s character was a man who was not closed off but cautious. He was of course sexy but he was also caring especially when it came to his fight family and Cherry. I thought he was a little judgmental and caveman like at times but you forgave him for that behavior. Denver also had a trauma in his past, wasn’t as bad as Cherry but still bad. Together they healed each other which let them move on from their pasts.

The villain/villains were horrible and disturbing men. The leader was the worst especially with what he wanted from Cherry.

Then there was Denver’s stepmother who was a piece of work. I didn’t think that she should have been forgiven that easily but it was possible she changed. She was alright in the end but I don’t think I would ever really like her character.

I will be reading Tough Love next which will be with Stack and I am excited, though Armie is a character I can’t wait to read. I want to know more about him and his past along with him finally getting together with Rissy.


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