Hard Knocks

Hard KnocksHarper Gates has loved Gage since she was in high school but he never noticed her until now. Harper will get the chance to be with Gage but she is scared to let him in completely and be heartbroken the moment he leaves again.

Gage “Savage” Ringer is a fighter whose goal is to keeping fighting until he gets the title. Though with one injury he was out of the fight he had been training for. Gage will not have to worry long over the disappointment with Harper distracting him.

Hard Knocks is the first story in the series Ultimate, well actually its a prequel to the series. I loved that Lori Foster went back to the SBC fighters. I had loved reading that series and yes I re-read them over and over, I can’t get enough of the characters. Now she is introducing an all new cast of fighters, there is Gage who is the main character in this book. Then there is Armie, Stack, Cannon, Miles, and Denver. Those are the fighters that have been introduced.

So now onto this novella. I really loved the story. It was short and straight to the point. Gage wants to go forward in his career but got a little sidetracked. Then there is Harper who wants the man she had always loved but doesn’t want to get in the way of his career. It would appear that a relationship might not be Gage’s priority but he will make it so when it comes to Harper.

The story was sweet but there was also a steamy side, which Lori Foster writes really well. The two characters are like tiptoeing around each other, not sure of what they are doing, but wanting each other without a doubt. The lust keeps building and building between them and the pages will start to sizzle between them.

I am reading No Limits next which will be with Cannon who had been introduced in the series Love Undercover.


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