A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin

A good debutante's guide to ruinDeclan, the Duke of Banbury, was a scoundrel in the eyes of society and thanks to his stepmother and father he’d done his best to become one. Unexpectedly he will find his estranged stepsister one night at his house in need of help. Declan’s world will be turned upside down by this new development especially when he starts to feel things towards Rosalie.

Rosalie Hughes needed help and Declan was the only person she could rely on. She knew that she was not wanted but she would do her best to stay out of the way, even though it was hard since Rosalie was in love with Declan.

A Good Debutante’s Guide to Ruin is the first book to the series Debutante Files by Sophie Jordan. I really liked this story. Now it is a little risky with the stepbrother and stepsister relationship, however, they didn’t really have a relationship as they were estranged. Though back then first cousins were marrying each other.

I thought that Sophie Jordan did a great job with the characters. Declan played the scoundrel well but you knew at the heart of him was a good man. What happened to him when he was fourteen was terrible, that stepmother should have been kicked out on her butt. Of course that didn’t happen. I liked that Declan opened himself up for love when it came to Rosalie. So the character of Rosalie I liked. She was very much the innocent but had a backbone, not a strong backbone but a backbone nevertheless. She gets stronger with that backbone as the book goes on, especially at the end.

The mother of Rosalie is a horrible and manipulative woman. She is also a sick minded woman who had no heart. What she did to Declan back then was horrible but then what she was doing to Rosalie now was worse since it was her own daughter. There is justice to be had for Rosalie and Declan when it comes to the mother.

I am reading An Heiress for All Seasons next which will be a novella in the series.


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