Hearts in Darkness

Hearts in DarknessMakenna James was having one of those days where nothing was going right. She thought her luck was changing when a person held the elevator door but the moment she got in and the doors closed the elevator stopped. Makenna will find herself trapped in an elevator with a stranger.

Caden Grayson just wanted to get over to his friends and relax but then the elevator stops. Caden goes into panic mode when the lights turn off but he will be comforted by the stranger who was stuck with him.

Hearts in Darkness is a novella by Laura Kaye. Wow. That is the word I have for this story. I was captured by the plot right away and wanted more. This novel was steamy and hot but what would you expect when two people get stuck in an elevator. Well, I would probably go towards a scary movie scene, like in the movie Devil, but that was not the case with this story.

So I normally don’t like stories that are primarily about sex because I want more from the characters, I want a story. In this one I got the story and the hot scenes. I was drawn towards the characters as they told their stories in the dark to each other. They each had their own tragedy. I will say that Caden’s tragedy was worse with what he had gone through but each of their tragedies impacted their lives. I liked Makenna who was very frazzled but you could tell she was a good person and very determined to do well in her job. Caden was a quiet type of man but was someone who was very sensual when he found the right person.

I liked how Laura Kaye wrote the story in the dark for the characters. That let them get to know each other even better. Also their senses were heightened which made everything more sensual when they were getting closer.

Well when I started this I didn’t realize that there would be a sequel to this series. That sequel comes out this month and I have no doubt I will be reading this book.


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