Dare to Resist

Dare to ResistKady Dresco worked hard when it came to her profession and she will find herself with some competition when a military contract was in her grasp. She wouldn’t mind doing anything with Colton but he never wanted to take it further. She was seen as his best friends sister, but that will all change when a monsoon keeps them grounded.

Colton Brooks wanted his best friends sister but knew that he could not have her. He had come close to having her three years ago but he stopped. He knew that Kady would never be up for what he liked in bed but temptation will have him going towards Kady once again.

Dare to Resist is a novella in Wedding Dare series which is contributed by several authors. I liked this novella. It was a fast paced story, filled with two interesting characters and it will get steamy. This is definitely on the verge of dom and sub but Laura Kaye doesn’t take it all the way. It was more like Colton liked rough sex and incidental so did Kady at least when it is with Colton.

Kady’s character was a strong willed woman who could let herself have fun but working hard was a big priority. Colton was sarcastic and very serious with a sensual side which lets him get as many women as he would want. The one thing they had in common was computer coding. There was another thing they had in common which was lust. They wanted each other and when they get together it is steamy.

Within the story there is not tons of things happening but I think Laura Kaye does a good job getting you to like the characters and creating a detailed background.

I am sticking with Laura Kaye to read several more of her stories and the next one I am reading is Her Forbidden Hero.


2 thoughts on “Dare to Resist

  1. Gayle, I must suggest Laura Kaye’s book HEARTS IN DARKNESS. It is my favorite of hers and very romantic. She has a sequel coming in 2016.

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