About a Vampire

About a VampireJustin Bricker has watched many of his fellow immortals pair off with their life mates. He wanted his life mate mostly for the sex but when he finds her there will be a problem. His life mate is already married.

Holly Bosley was going back to her temp job when she will be surprised by some intruders. Holly’s life will forever be changed from the one that she knows as she will be turned into an immortal.

About a Vampire is the twenty second book to the series Argeneau Family by Lynsay Sands. I thought that the book was not bad. It was certainly Lynsay Sands writing which is entertaining but I wasn’t loving it like the earlier books of her series.

I have been waiting for Justin’s story for a while and while I liked it I was kind of disappointed. He was just way to immature for my taste. Although that is pretty much his personality and Lynsay Sands keeps his character true to how he had been written. I guess I didn’t like him as much because it was now focused solely on him. But there were parts that I liked in the book. There was that humor that Sands writes well like with how Decker and Anders get back at Justin. Also towards the end of the book I felt that Justin did mature a lot with how to deal with his life mate. Holly’s character was okay. She was married and didn’t want to cheat on her husband which was good. I was wondering how Sands would let Holly and Justin be together. The ending she writes lets that happen and I will say it gets a little cheesy but with that ending everyone is happy.

Now although this wasn’t my favorite I know that I will continue reading the series when another book comes out.


2 thoughts on “About a Vampire

  1. I’m afraid I lost interest in this series although I loved the first 8 or 9 books in the series. The beginning books are still favorites.

    • I can understand that. I am reading the series still, I think, because just to read them, hoping that the book is like the beginning ones. Though lately I have been thinking about stopping.

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