Buckhorn Ever After

Buckhorn Ever AfterAnimal Attraction is a collection of stories that are definitely on the steamy side. I picked up this book for one reason which was the story from Lori Foster. I had just found out that Lori Foster is continuing the Buckhorn Brothers series. I have read that series over and over, and loved it every time. So far it looks like Lori Foster has written three novella’s that further the series but it is with the kids of these original brothers.

Buckhorn Ever After is the sixth book to the Buckhorn Brothers series. Shohn is the son of Sawyer and Honey, and Casey’s little brother. The plot is simple, Shohn will find himself attracted to Nadine and will find an excuse to spend time with her and to make her believe he was serious. I was excited that Lori Foster was continuing the series with the kids. So I thought that this book was a great addition to the series. I will say that this book seemed much more steamy than the others, but as I think about it the others books were just as steamy except there was more detail in the plot. Buckhorn Ever After was a novella which always makes the situations go much faster.

I loved Shohn. He was another alpha male whose job was a park ranger and he took his job very seriously. He was certainly a player but one with a good heart who had come from a good family. I liked that Shohn was persistent with his intent to be with Nadine and I loved how his new animal would not leave him alone. Nadine owned a pet hotel. She was a friendly person but her character was also cautious. She had wanted Shohn and loved him since she was a kid but she was in the friend zone. Of course that changes when Shohn becomes determined to be with Nadine, and you want a man like Shohn to pursue you.

The other three stories to this collection I decided to read as well. I have never read anything from these other authors, Heidi Betts, Maisey Yates, and Jules Bennett, and I have to say that I liked them. They were again very steamy and had some humorous situations that added to the plot.

I will be reading the seventh story to the Buckhorn Brothers series next.


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