Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little DreamRachel Stone had a plan which was to come back to where she had lived with her late husband and find the five million dollars he had taken from all his followers. Rachel will not be welcomed into the town but will find help from an unlikely man, Gabe Bonner.

Gabe Bonner wanted to die but he could not do that to his family. He was just doing things to keep himself moving and not really living life, then he meets Rachel and her son. He doesn’t want them around but he will notice the longer they stay the more he felt alive.

Dream a Little Dream is the fourth book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. With every book I keep thinking that I will like one story better than the other, but that hasn’t happen. I really love each story so far, I can’t get enough of these books.

This book was about healing. Rachel needed to heal from the pain of being an outcast that she lived with thanks to her husband. Though she was a fighter and would do anything to help her child. Gabe has pain from losing his wife and son a few years ago. I felt my heart breaking for Gabe especially right int he beginning when you find out what he keeps in his nightstand. Obviously these characters were going to be together and heal each other but Phillips doesn’t make that journey easy for them. There is a lot of mistrust and guilt that is between them. I did like though it was Rachel who got to Gabe. She didn’t pull back and be calm around Gabe like his brothers did. That was a big part that allowed him to heal.

There was some bad things happening to Rachel. It was because others blamed her for the way her husband had acted. You knew who the person was pretty easily but there was another that will be after Rachel. I thought it was someone else because of how they acted, but I was wrong. There is another twist but this one will be happy.

Ethan’s story, Gabe’s brother, is also being told in this one. I liked Ethan but he fought too much of what he should be doing. I liked that he does accept his path and of course the relationship with Kristy. Kristy’s character I loved because she was the plain woman that decided to change for herself. She will get the man she had loved, Ethan, but she makes him work for it.

I am reading the fifth book next.

Nobody’s Baby But Mine

Nobody's Baby But MineDr. Jane Darlington wanted a baby desperately but most of all she wanted her child to be normal. That was why she was looking for a man who was not too smart. She set her sights on Cal Bonner but she will discover that Cal does not follow the typical cliche of jocks.

Nobody’s Baby But Mine is the third book to the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I can’t get enough of this series. With each book I get lost in the plot and don’t want to stop reading until I reach that last page.

Alright so this book was all about Jane wanting a baby. She was a very smart woman who didn’t have a lot of common sense when it came to getting pregnant. When she tricked Cal I didn’t like it as you knew it wasn’t in her personality to be cruel. When Cal finds out he is furious and I thought he had every right to be mad. What I didn’t like was the amount of anger that was inside him because that led to a desire for revenge. The revenge you knew would not only hurt Jane but also hurt Cal. Now there were other times that I didn’t like Cal which was when he was just too superficial. He wanted the young women because he wanted others to believe he wasn’t getting older.

The relationship they had was troubled pretty much right from the start. There is no real love or even like between them. Jane is the one that will discover that true feelings start to unravel first which made it hard for her when Cal was so cruel to her, not physically but verbally. Again I felt that he was justified because she did trick him but after a while it gets overwhelming. I wanted Cal to get over his anger. Things will get better but there will be a twist that stops everything and has Cal realizing that he will lose Jane if he doesn’t understand what he needs to do.

There is again another story that is being told which is Cal’s parents, Jim and Lynn. They had grown apart without really knowing it and there was years of resentment that was between them, but there was love between them. They went through a journey that was similar to Jane and Cal. It took that journey for Jim and Lynn to find their happiness again. I also liked that Lynn didn’t back down.

I will be reading the fourth book next.

Heaven, Texas

Heaven, TexasGracie Snow worked as an associate producer which quickly turned to personal assistant to Bobby Tom. This meant Gracie had to spend a lot of time with him which only led her to want him more, and easier to fall in love with him.

Bobby Tom Denton was used to getting things his way but with a career ending injury he felt stuck. Doing the movie was not what he truly wanted but it was something to do. He will be surprised when his attention starts to drift to Gracie.

Heaven, Texas is the second book to the Chicago Stars series by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. I really liked this second book. There is something with how Phillips writes the story that has you wanting to read from start to end. Its funny that I am liking this series because throughout the book I am getting frustrated with how the characters were written especially Bobby Tom. His character was a womanizer to the extreme. He liked woman to look good and not think. I was kind of appalled at his behavior at times and wonder how Gracie could even fall for him. Though Gracie’s character was one of forgiving. She cared a lot and was naive but she had a backbone. I liked how Gracie changed and became a stronger version of herself throughout the book.

This town treated him like a hero to them. He was the celebrity and it was ridicules with the women who wanted to be with Bobby Tom. Towards the end a situation will occur which will show a nasty side of Bobby Tom. I was pissed off at how he was reacting as he was only thinking about himself. At that point you have to wonder if a happy ending would happen but Phillips will give a happy ending. There was a moment that had me thinking that ending was given a little too freely but that was Gracie’s character.

There is a parallel story that is being told which is with Wayland and Suzy (Bobby Tom’s mom). This was not a love story between them. There was passion but it was combined with hurt that drifted between them. Phillips makes sure that the couple’s problems will be fixed and get their happy ending, which made me smile.

I am reading the third story next.

It Had to Be You

It Had to be You-PhillipsPhoebe Somerville had just inherited her father’s football team, the Chicago Stars. Her father did not give her the team out of love, but out of hatred. He wanted to teach her a lesson. Phoebe will make sure that she doesn’t get beaten.

Dan Calebow is the head coach for the team and has no desire to take orders from the new team owner. He thinks she is an airhead and will destroy the team. Dan will find out that there is much more to Phoebe.

It Had to Be You is the first book from the series Chicago Stars by Susan Elizabeth Phillips. Really, really loved reading this book. I got right into the series the moment I read the first page. It seemed humor filled and outrageous, but there was more. This was not a happy go lucky kind of romance. There were a lot of hurtles that the characters had to go through. I will not lie there were a couple places that felt a little long, but for me it was worth it to get to the end.

Phoebe’s character was all over the place. Her image was a bimbo who had slept with many men. Personally I was happy to find out that wasn’t the case. I really don’t like it when the character is an idiot. So with Phoebe she is actually very smart but damaged thanks to a rape that she survived when she was eighteen years old. Phoebe is still damaged but she has come along way.  So then there is Dan who is overbearing and full of himself at times. At times I didn’t really like him and how he treated Phoebe, he was a jerk a lot of times but he does change. I felt that if he knew earlier about what Phoebe had went through he wouldn’t be so harsh, but like I said he does change more when he finds out about her past.

Throughout the book I found myself getting emotional. I wanted Phoebe to be happy and to find someone that will treat her right. There were plenty of times that Dan was not that guy as he had his own issues to deal with.

So within the book there are several twists and situations that are pretty horrible which involve Phoebe. I was shocked by one twist that was very disturbing.Though there are a couple great things that happen that had me cheering which give her closure.

Personally with all the emotions that I went through with this book I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read the next book. I decided that I wanted to continue the series. I will be reading the second book next.

Bet Me

Bet MeMinerva “Min” Dobbs was done with men after her boyfriend dumped her because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Min wasn’t expecting another man to come into her life though it wasn’t by chance as it was all because of a bet.

Cal Morrisey did not want to take the bet especially when he met Min. She was too difficult to charm as he normally did with woman. Though as he spends more time with Min he finds that he starts to really want this woman.

Bet Me is a novel by Jennifer Crusie. So a while ago someone told me to try Jennifer Crusie and they told me to try this book. I haven’t had the time until now. Well I will have to say that I liked the book. It was charming and a little crazy but in a fun way.

I liked the relationship between Min and Cal. They actually didn’t like each other. They were opposites in most way but that changes as they spend time together. When they are starting to spend time together its actually sweet. Of course Min tries to fight the attraction especially as she knows about the bet. Though Cal really didn’t make the bet with David but I liked that Min does know so she isn’t blindsided when it comes out.

There were many side characters that were part of the story. Some were great, some were annoying but needed when it came to telling the story. There was one thing I really liked at the end which was the epilogue. Crusie fast forwards time to tell the reader what was going on with these characters. I will be back for more books by Jennifer Crusie.