Double Dare

Double DareLouisa “Lou” Honeycut could not marry a man she didn’t love, so she ran as fast as she could. Lou will need a way to get faraway from her father as quickly as she could, which will lead her to taking an adventure.

Sam Rawlins is an adventures tour guide, his job was to make sure the people who signed up got their perfect adventure. Sam will be in over his head when dealing with Lou and her need for adventure.

Double Dare is a novel by Rhonda Nelson. I thought this book was cute. It was a simple plot, quick and fun to read. I had gotten this free from amazon. I have never tried anything from Rhonda Nelson but I always like to try new authors, so I gave her a shot.

When I was done with the book I found it interesting to read some comments about this book that I had found. A lot of people thought there were typos and the whole tour guide falling for the runaway bride was unrealistic and not interesting. Now I am not saying that this book will win any awards but I thought it was just fun to read. Its a book that is fiction. Plots don’t always have to be realistic. I will admit I do like when the books are realistic but this book is also a romance novel. Things in romance evolve quicker than real life.

So now back to my review. Well as I said above I liked the book. I thought that Lou was a young woman that needed to live a little to realize what she wanted to do. Sam was a man that needed to break the rules and have fun. I liked that together they helped each other get what they needed without them knowing what they truly needed.

Within this story there were things that were out there and on the verge of being silly but it still brought an element of fun to the book. I did think that the scandal that Lou makes is a little over the top but again its fiction and in a way it is kind of believable since gossip magazines are over the top.

Now as far as reading another book from Rhonda Nelson I would have to say that I would be up for another book by her. It will probably be much later on as the pile of books I want to read never gets any shorter.

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