Three Weeks with a Bull Rider

Three Weeks with a Bull RiderJace Mills needed a break from his stressful ex girlfriend and going on the rodeo while helping out Tara seemed like a good idea. The only problem was Jace was starting to see Tara in a different light.

Tara Jenkins had an internship for three weeks with the rodeo circuit and needed a ride. She will be shocked that Jace volunteered, even more so when feelings of lust come between them.

Three Weeks with a Bull Rider is the third book to the series Oklahoma Nights by Cat Johnson. Alright so I liked the book but I was weary of it. The characters of Jace and Tara were not my favorite. I had thought them immature, especially Tara. I get it since the man she had loved for years rejected her but she had to know it would never work in the back of her mind. Logan was just too old for her. Tara does get more mature towards the end of the book which I liked.

Tara and Jace seem completely wrong for each other but then opposites attract. Their relationship is chaotic as they make each other angry but there is an attraction that will lead to very steamy foreplay then sex. It was kind of entertaining with how curious and pushy Tara started to become when it came to Jace and wanting experience.

So that is it for this series but I saw that Tyler had his own story in another series, which I would be interested in reading.

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