Talk Sweetly to Me

Talk Sweetly to MeMiss Rose Sweetly was fascinated by astronomy and was very smart when it came to mathematics. What Rose is not smart about is when it comes to the flirting Mr. Stephen Shaughnessy

Stephen Shaughnessy had noticed Rose Sweetly right away and was charmed by her. He found himself falling in love with Rose little by little. He just had to convince her that his feelings were real.

Talk Sweet to Me is a novella in the series Brother Sinister. I liked this novella. I thought that this story was short, sweet and very much to the point.

In the previous book Stephen was introduced and you knew that he was a rogue but was a good man who had a sense of humor. I liked that he was very set in his desire to have Rose but not as his mistress, as his wife. Now Rose was very smart when it came to numbers and science. I liked how Milan wrote Rose to be that smart, to give her character a chance to explore her talent.

When I started this book I realized that it was going to be about an interracial relationship. I find that kind of relationship is a rarity in the historical books that I read. Milan wrote the relationship well. I thought the relationship fit well into this series as it was all about moving forward and changing how the world was.

Well I am at the end of the series with what Milan has written for Brother Sinister. I don’t know it there will be more, I will be happy to read more if she writes them, otherwise there will be other books to try of hers.

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