Too Wicked to Tame

Too Wicked to TamePortia Derrings did not want to marry any man who would take away her choices in life, a husband that would try to run her life. She will be sent to Moreton’s to marry Heath Moreton but she will stay true to what she wants, even when her heart was telling her differently.

Heath Moreton’s was rich beyond belief but his family was cursed with a madness that killed his father and his brother. He will resist his grandmothers drive to push Portia and him together though it will get difficult when he is lusting after her.

Too Wicked to Tame is a novel from the Derrings series by Sophie Jordan. Alright so the last book I read with Astrid was okay but this book I really liked. I was grabbed into the story because of Portia. I had read the book Once Upon a Wedding Night where Portia was a young seventeen year old girl. I was excited that I was going to get to read more about her and how her life was going to turn out.

So Portia is a woman that does not want to marry at all. She had seen what marriage does and does not want any part of it. Heath doesn’t want to marry either but that is so he doesn’t pass on the madness which is in his family. So of course that means they will find themselves attracted to each other.

Now the madness that plagues Heath’s family is interesting. Jordan writes a little twist about that particular curse that made sense and surprised me.

Overall the Derrings series (One Night With You, To Wicked to Tame, and Surrender to Me) was another good series to read from Sophie Jordan.


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