Surrender to Me

Surrender to MeAstrid Derring will be finding herself taking a journey to find her husband who had left five years ago. She had to stop him from marrying another and ruining the girl’s life. She will find help from a man, Griffin Shaw, that had risked his life to save hers.

Surrender to Me is a book from the Derrings series by Sophie Jordan. First off I am not sure the order of this book. I have seen two websites that contradict each other. Other than that little confusion I liked the book. It’s not my favorite of Sophie Jordan’s but it got my attention and I enjoyed it.

Astrid was cold yes but that was to protect herself. She needed to be strong because in life she was left with very little. Now Griffin I wasn’t a big fan of all the time. He had his great moments but the way he acted was not always good. I did like Astrid and Griffin together for the most part. They brought out anger in each other but also lust that grew to something more.

So the plot was simple but there are some twists that come about in the book. When the first twist happened I immediately wondered where the story would go next as that had been a big shift in the book.

I am reading Too Wicked to Tame next which will conclude the series.


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