Once Upon a Wedding Night

Once Upon a Wedding NightLady Meredith Brookshire was in trouble. The new lord was coming to claim his inheritance and she would be out on the street as she knew he had to be like his brother, the previous lord. She will make up a lie of being pregnant but will find out that Nick was not a man that could be fooled.

Nicholas Caulfield had no desire for the new status in his life. He will take the title reluctantly and will be interested in helping the widow, that is until he finds out that she lied to him. Once he knows that she can’t be trusted he wanted to make sure that she is out of his life, the best way was to marry her off.

Once Upon a Wedding Night is a standalone novel by Sophie Jordan. I liked this novel. I thought that it was a good romance novel that pulled me into the story. Sophie Jordan had me wanting to know more about both characters of Meredith and Nick. I wanted to know what had happened in their past that made them how they were.

The story was simple between Nick and Meredith. It was a story of mistrust that grew to love, at least it turned to love when they let themselves love. The person who needed to let go of their past was Nick. Though for Nick that was difficult because he was far too jaded which resulted in becoming mistrustful. Meredith might not have been mistrustful but she lacked confidence. The loss of confidence was due to her husband not wanting her from the moment they had wed. I do like that she found some confidence when Nick showed that he wanted her. The romance between Meredith and Nick was shaky at best. There were plenty of ups and downs with them because Nick did not want to want her. Though don’t worry because they will get it right.

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