With this Ring

With This RingElektra Worthington was set out to help her family from ruin and that meant to find a lord to marry. She had created a plan to kidnap the lord and get him to marry her, though it will not go as she planned.

Lord Aaron Arbogast was going to see his grandfather but will be stopped when he is kidnapped by a young woman. He will be intrigued by this woman and pretend to be a servant. Aaron will find himself staying longer by Elektra’s side than he had intended.

With This Ring is the third book to the series Wicked Worthington by Celeste Brandley. I really liked this book. I was immediately grabbed into the story because it was crazy. The story starts off with Elektra kidnapping a man with a title so she could safe her family from ruin. Though she will find out she kidnapped the wrong man, although that is not the case as Aaron is a lord and is only pretending to be a servant. The situation is comical but the devious situation will come back to haunt Aaron later.

I thought that Elektra was very calculating but she was not cruel. She knew how to get what she wanted and it wasn’t just for her benefit, it was for her family. Aaron was a good man in a bad situation. I kind of liked that he lied about his identity as it gave him a chance to get to know Elektra better.

The story of Aaron’s past will come out and I wasn’t surprised by the story. You knew that it was not in Aaron’s character to be all that the rumors had stated. I liked how in the end it was all handled and the final scene I thought was perfect. It showed that Worthington side of Elektra perfectly.

I will be on the look out for the next book,Orion’s, but that will have to wait as it comes out in May of 2016.

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