And Then Comes Marriage

And Then Comes MarriageMrs. Miranda Talbot was a widow who was finally living life for herself, though that will get interrupted by the Worthington’s. She will find herself being courted by two men at the same time who were brothers and twins. Miranda will have to be the one to decide which twin she wants.

And Then Comes Marriage is the second book to the series Wicked Worthington by Celeste Bradley. Well its been awhile since I read the first book to this series but I remember it well, especially with the chaotic family, the Worthington’s. There was a part of me that wondered if I wanted to read this book because I wasn’t liking the idea that the twins were going to fight over the same woman or that they would fool. I didn’t like the game but I decided to stick with it because I was curious, and I was happy I did because overall I liked the book.

I knew that once I started the book I would read it no matter what and it wasn’t a problem because Celeste Bradley writes this story well. You will go up and down with these characters with either loving them or thinking that they are being idiots. There is one of the Worthington’s that drove me crazy which was Attie. She is a little weird but I will definitely be interested to read Attie’s story if Bradley writes it.

So the brothers, they were very different but very much the same. I liked their banter back and forth but knew that trouble would come between these brothers when they went after Miranda. The ending is sad for one of the brothers but I would bet that he will have his own story, that will get his own happy ending. Now Miranda I felt sorry for as her life was completely shaken up, in a way it was good for her but it wrecked havoc on her reputation. I wasn’t sure in the beginning if I would like Miranda I will admit, but it was very clear that she was not a villain. She did not want to have both brothers, she only wanted one and she will get the twin for her.

I have the third book out which is with Elektra, and I will be reading that one next.


2 thoughts on “And Then Comes Marriage

  1. Another author that I have not read. I’ll have to check out her books. I love the color in that cover, beautiful.

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