The Naked Laird

The Naked LairdLady Kilgorn and Lord Kilgorn have been estranged for ten years. Then one night at a house party they will find themselves assigned to the same room even though they have not shared a bed since they separated. They will soon find that maybe a mistake happened and they should not give up on each other.

The Naked Laird is a novella from the Naked Nobility series by Sally MacKenzie. This is the last book to the series which I needed to read. I liked the novella. It was quirky and entertaining with the hostess who was playing matchmaker. As I read and heard their thoughts that drifted through their minds I wanted them to find that happiness together, like they had when they were younger.

Now I will say that although the situation was humorous I felt that they forgave each other very quickly on their past. She made a mistake with bottling up her feelings and he made a mistake having sex with many woman. I kinda thought that she should not forgive him that easily. Although this is a novella so the forgiving was done quicker than a regular novel. Now I am not saying she was not to blame at all because she should have tried to forgive earlier and not shut him out of her life completely.

Overall I thought the series Naked Nobility was a fun series to read with the quirky humor that Sally MacKenzie writes well.


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