Only With a Highlander

Only with a HighlanderWinter MacKeage was special according to the priest and had a destiny that would save everyone. Winter was unaware of this destiny and will be shocked to find out that the enemy that was after them was closer than she thought.

Only With a Highlander is the fifth book to the series Pine Creek Highlander by Janet Chapman. I have liked this series since the start but I really liked this book, more than Robbie’s story. I guess its because Winter was talked about since the first book and I was curious to read how her character would be.

I liked Winter. She had a peaceful way of her but very connected with nature. That kind of way about her is in reflection to her destiny and what she really is. I liked that Winter was special but I liked it more that there were choices. That came about towards the end by a loved one which gave Winter that chance and happy ending. Matt is the other main character in the book and he was more than he appeared to be. There is a struggle between villain and hero and he will choose one side.

The magic keeps growing more and more within the series. It takes a bigger part to this book since it is Winter who will be coming into her powers which had been proclaimed since the beginning of the series. I liked the increase of powers and the strange things that followed.

Well there are several surprises with how certain things turned out. Some of them I liked, some I didn’t at least right away. The one I liked the most was one character who was also not from this present day. They are a surprise at the end which shows that Matt and Winter can have what they want.

When I had read the sixth book of the series I had thought it was over. Well there are two more to the series which look to be finishing up the series. I will be first reread the sixth book and move on to the last two books of the series.


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