Wedding the Highlander

Wedding the highlanderLibby Hart was running away from a shocking discovery. She healed two people but it was not from her skills as a doctor. She healed them with power that she never knew she had. Libby needed to get away and finds herself in Maine and letting herself live a different life with a man who was not from her time.

Michael MacBain had loved twice and was not in the mood to love another woman but his eight year old thinks differently. Michael will be setup with Libby and Michael can not be angry as he has immediate attraction towards this woman.

Wedding the Highlander is the third book to Janet Chapman’s series Pine Creek Highlanders. I have been enjoying this series so far and the third book is another fun book to read from Chapman. There is some humor and supernatural with the magic. I liked that the character Libby was a little different as well. She had a gift of healing which had her fleeing as it freaked her out. She doesn’t really embrace the powers but she will grateful for these powers later. I liked the character of Michael as he has become less serious. His heart has healed from Mary’s death and he was ready to find love again, with the help of his son. Though there is still that highlander attitude they all have but Michael wasn’t as pushy as some of the others. I liked that he didn’t really push Libby as he gave her time, at least some time.

This book jumped eight years later which meant that Mary’s and Michael’s child, Robbie, was not a baby anymore but a young man. He was very opinionated but his heart was always in the right place. Now from the description of the fourth book, I jumped ahead and looked at the summary of the book, I noticed that the character was Robbie MacBain. I am definitely interested in reading about Robbie who has become a man and how he turned out.

Now back to the third book there was a little more of magic mentioned. First with Libby and then there was always the priest who really was nothing but mischief. He is a character that really seems on the side but he was the sole reason the highlanders were even in the modern world.

I am reading the fourth book next, which is Tempting the Highlander.


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