Loving the Highlander

Loving the highlanderSadie Quill was on a mission to find a legendary gold mine which had been her father’s quest. She will stumble upon a naked man in a valley and could not help but stop and stare. She will be chased off by the man and is shocked when they come face to face again.

Morgan MacKeage wanted Sadie but to protect his valley was too important to let a woman get involved. He will not hold out for long as he helps Sadie with her task and he will find himself falling in love. But there is danger as they search for the legendary gold mine.

Loving the Highlander is the second book to the series Pine Creek Highlanders by Janet Chapman. I liked this book, it was another good book from this series.

I liked Sadie’s character. She wasn’t the small petite woman but one that was six feet tall and had some scars which came when she had survived a fire. Because of those traits she thought herself not as beautiful. Morgan will see through the scars and see her beauty, which I loved. I liked that Sadie was on a quest to find the legendary gold mine which was something her father had been looking for before he had died. Morgan was one of the highlanders that had traveled through time. I liked his character but he was a little annoying at times with how he handled situations. He was from a different time so it was understandable but he had some time to adjust. He doesn’t really change when he meets Sadie but he becomes a man who is determined to keep the woman he loves safe and by his side.

Magic in the book is very present especially towards the end. I liked how Chapman changed one of the characters towards the end which gave them an unexpected surprise. The surprise I liked as it gave the characters a chance to find that happiness.

I am reading the third book next.

One thought on “Loving the Highlander

  1. These Chapman Time Travel novels are intriguing. I will put them on my wish list.

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