What a Duke Dares

What a Duke DaresMiss Penelope Thorne has loved Camden Rothermere for all of her life but she knew that she could never marry him. She could never marry a man who did not love her though circumstances will change and she will find herself with the man she has always loved.

Duke of Sedgemoor, Camden Rothermere, wanted a wife that he would like but never love as he didn’t believe in love. He had proposed to Pen years ago and found himself rejected. Now nine years later he will find himself side by side with Pen as he has to rescue her.

What a Duke Dares is the third book to the series Sons of Sin Trilogy by Anna Campbell. I liked this book a lot, it was another great book from the author.

You got to know more about Camden who was a man of structure and wanted everything to be perfect. He doesn’t want another scandal. If he had chosen Pen there would have been scandal after scandal but with nine years of maturity they both have grown up. Well Pen is still outspoken and Camden is still very straight laced. I liked that Camden was seeing Pen in a different light and was thinking of seduction rather than pushing her away. This gave them another chance.

There was another story happening which was with Harry, Pen’s brother, and Sophie, Jamie Fairbrother’s sister. I thought they were a little immature but they were a couple who fell in love and struggled to find a way to be together.

I don’t have the fourth book available to read but I would definitely be interested in reading the story especially to know more about Jaime Fairbrother.


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