A Rake’s Midnight Kiss

A Rake's Midnight KissGenevieve Barrett was highly intelligent which lead her to know that her father’s new student was up to something. She will be on her guard but will find that he will get under her skin and she will start to fall for the rake.

Sir Richard Harmsworth was out to find the Harmsworth Jewel which in his mind would help society accept him. Richard will find the jewel but Genevieve was blocking him from obtaining his heirloom. He will find his solution was to be seduction but as he got to know Genevieve he wanted more than just to steal the jewel back.

A Rake’s Midnight Kiss is the second book to the series Sons of Sin Trilogy by Anna Campbell. I had read the first one awhile ago so of course I re-read the first book then started off with the second book. Loved the second book. I was engrossed with the story right from the beginning. There was mystery, some evil doers and lust that turns to love.

Richard’s character was not an evil man but one who was on a mission to show society that he was worthy of being the heir. Richard was already worthy but he was not his true self and that was brought out with Genevieve. Now Genevieve’s character was smart and clever but that will not save her from Richard’s seduction. I liked that she was a bundle of emotions. A lot of the times she was strong but there was a lot of hurt that went along with her life, and she will be continued to be hurt with Richard who was not very truthful. I also liked that Richard had to work hard for the seduction because Genevieve did not just give into the seduction.

The Harmsworth Jewel was all that Richard cared about but there will be a little twist. I liked how Campbell wrote the jewel into the story and how it altered things for the characters. Now connected to the jewel are the thieves. There was Richard but there was another who wanted the jewel bad enough that they would do whatever they could to get it.

I have the third book to read which will be with Camden who is a duke that is connected with a scandalous history. I will be reading the third book next.


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