In Your Dreams

In You DreamsEmmaline Neal had to go to her ex-fiance’s wedding otherwise it would look like she was still pinning away. Emmaline wasn’t, she just didn’t have anyone to go with. She will find help from Jack Holland, who was someone she had a crush on.

Jack Holland needed a way out of his town for just a little and he will find a way when Emmaline needed a date for a wedding. He will jump at the chance and will be surprised that the trip will bring on feelings for Emmaline.

In Your Dreams is the fourth book to the Blue Heron series from Kristan Higgins. Once again another fantastic book from Kristan Higgins and addition to the series. Since the beginning of the series I have loved these books. They are mushy, heartwarming, heartbreaking and feel real with the problems that happen as not everything is perfect. I like that she makes her characters with flaws or quirks which make them real.

So there was Emmaline. She was a character which was heartbreaking. She lost the love of her life to another woman and has been unlucky in love since then. You want things to work with Jack but there are definitely ups and downs in this relationship. I wanted them to have a chance at love because of their past, they deserved some happiness that would last. Now there is Jack who is a hero but in his eyes he is not, that attribute made him feel real and the situation. Jack was a man that everyone loves and was a very kind man which got him in trouble especially when trying to move forward with Emmaline in a relationship. The problem was that his ex wife was back in his life and wanted to try again. He can’t just say no to helping his ex wife but you know there are no feelings there anymore.

The people that I disliked was Kevin, Emmaline’s ex, and the new woman Naomi. They were a little too crazy with their workouts. Those two were perfect for each other. They both treated Emmaline poorly and I wanted her to stand up and fight back but she is too scared to do that. Another person I didn’t like was the ex wife of Jack, Hadley. She was much to immature for him and liked to play the victim a lot. She drove me crazy in the book but I knew that she was not a threat to Jack and Emmaline’s happiness.

Now as the books before Higgins goes into great detail of back story’s on Jack and Emmaline. I love that about these books. You really get to know the characters and when she goes back into the past I have never been confused with the switch of scenes.

Blue Heron series is one that I will keep reading. I can’t wait for the next installment which will be featuring Connor O’Rourke. His story, Anything for You, will be coming out in December.


2 thoughts on “In Your Dreams

  1. I loved this series and look forward to Connor’s story. Higgins is my favorite contemporary author.

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