BurnJenner Redwin had gotten lucky when she won the lottery which had been seven years ago. Her life changed forever. Seven years later she is planning a trip with her best friend Sydney when they will both be kidnapped but held in different places. If Jenner wants Sydney safe she has to play her part in the kidnappers scheme.

Burn is a novel by Linda Howard. For a while I actually wanted to try this book as I had kept seeing it in my library. I was glad I picked it up as it was a really entertaining book to read. Linda Howard spins a suspenseful tale where a group of people are trying to stop one man from doing something terrible to others.

I was hooked on the story right away as I wanted to know what was going on with Jenner who looked to be in a situation because of her friend. You find out what happens after you get a little information of how Jenner had come to a be a multimillionaire. Jenner is a woman who had a amazing luck to win the lottery. It was sad how quickly the people around her changed when she received the money. So then Howard fast forwards seven years later when she will be kidnapped and taken on the cruise where she will have to play her part because her friend Sydney would be hurt. I liked that she fought every time and did not back down when she had to deal with her kidnappers.

So the kidnapper, Cael, and his group were not necessarily bad guys. There were stopping a bad guy from doing a terrible deed. There was a line that Howard wrote where Jenner was thinking about her kidnappers, they did not wear white hats it was more like gray hats. I liked that description of this team. They were a group who was doing what they needed to do for the greater good. I will admit in the beginning I thought Cael would be too harsh but as the book went on he softened some when it came to Jenner, and of course the lust between them did not hurt.

The bad guy was Frank Larkin. I was confused at first with what was going on with this man. He didn’t seem like a villain but as the book went on you knew he was the villain without a doubt. The ending served justice to Larkin. There was an epilogue in the book which gives a little surprise about Jenner, Cael and his group.


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