Lover Awakened

Lover AwakenedZsadist has lived through his own hell and became a ruined man bent on keeping everyone who would care about him at arms length. He could not abide being touched that is until Bella came into the picture. He wanted her like he wanted no one else but he could not have her because he was not what she deserved.

Bella survived the torture she endured by the lesser and her savior was Zsadist. She had wanted the warrior when she first saw him and as he became her savior she wanted to save him. She will succeed at times but there was always something stopping them, namely Zsadist.

Lover Awakened is the third book from the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. The second book left you with a to be continued story with Bella as she was captured by one of the lessers. I knew that she would be saved by Zsadist as they are the main two in this book who were being written about. J.R. Ward wrote this story well and it was another one I really loved reading.

There were some touchy subjects that were talked about which Zsadist had to endure when he was forced to become a sex slave. It was terrifying for what he had to go through and so sad with the aftermath. He was a ruined man/vampire but he will be saved so he might have not have been as ruined as he thought. He will be saved by Bella who wanted him for the man that he was. She saw beyond the scars. I liked them together but it was not an easy road for them to be on as he kept pushing her away and he is very insistent on pushing her away.

There are plenty of things happening in this book, some good and some very bad. I hated what happened to one of the brothers as he will lose what he will never be able to bring back. That tragedy makes me want to read his story which will be later on in the series. There is the kid who was introduced in the second book and you find out that he is part of the brotherhood and of Darius’s line which is interesting. I really want to know more about John but once again that will be later on in the series.

With the third book finished I am taking a break from the Black Dagger Brotherhood series but I will be back for more.


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