Lover Eternal

Lover EternalRhage is part of the brotherhood who hunts down the lessers who are out to destroy them. Rhage is unlike his brothers as he is cursed with a beast that will transform him if he becomes enraged or if he doesn’t satisfy his beast with women. He longs for the beast to leave him and for the comfort of just one woman. Rhage will get the chance with Mary Luce but he will have to keep her safe from himself and the lessers.

Mary Luce has lived a hard life with her mother dying of cancer and herself getting cancer once again. She didn’t want to go through the cancer again as it nearly killed her last time. Her mind wouldn’t be on the cancer as she will meet Rhage and get tangled up in the lives of the brotherhood.

Lover Eternal is the second book to the series Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward. I really loved this book. I had to keep putting the book down as I had other things to do but when I picked up the book again I fell right back into the story. There was no confusion or boring moments for me, so reading the book flew by quick.

I like this idea of the brotherhood and with each book you learn more and more about the members who are part of the group. I liked Rhage and was intrigued by him and this curse that he was given. You would think that for a guy having one woman after another would be a good thing but for Rhage it was getting old and he wanted more. That’s when Mary comes into the mix. She will be that something more for Rhage but it wouldn’t be right away. There is jealousy and trust issues on both sides. For me I thought they were both holding back as they were also afraid. Rhage was afraid of his beast and Mary was afraid of the her cancer and having someone she loved watch her die.

The bad guys are still the lessers and some of the recruits are pretty insane. There will be trouble for Bella who is Mary’s neighbor as she will get tangled up with the lessers and it will be up to the brotherhood to protect her but that saving will have to come in the third book. Now as the endings go I was in agony when Rhage made the deal to lose Mary but it would keep her alive. I wanted to shout at the book though things will work itself out in the end as the deal will be rewritten.

I am reading the first three books of the series back to back and so far I am really loving this series. I am reading the third book next with Zsadist and his story intrigues me, I want to find out more and hope that he will be saved.


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