The Ugly Duckling

The Ugly DucklingNell Calder was an ordinary woman who was a wife and mother but she will find herself in a horrendous situation. Her family will be attacked and killed at a party. Nell will survive but barely. She holds on with the hope to get her revenge which is where a man named Tanek who will train her to fight their mutual enemy.

The Ugly Duckling is a novel written by Iris Johansen. This book was a really fantastic thriller that will keep you on your toes until the very end. I have read many books by Johansen and each book that I have read I have loved to read. She is a great storyteller when it comes to suspense thrillers. You get swept up into the story.

So the character of Nell was a loving yet shy and weak housewife. That all changes when she was cut up and left for dead. I liked Nell’s determination that came with this horrific change in her life. She struggles and fights to get stronger, to fight the man that destroyed her life. I liked how Tanek trained her, he did not sugar coat the training and made her fight harder if only to learn to protect herself. Now Tanek was a solider, a man who manipulated and fought for what he wanted. Though he really was a good guy, just hard around the edges. He wanted revenge against the same man which made Nell and Taneck perfect partners.

I thought the idea of her transformation was interesting. When her attack happened it was very damaging to her body and her face was destroyed. She became a beauty which was something she had been told would never happen. Her beauty helped opened doors which brought her closer to her revenge.

Within the book there were plenty of twists where you thought one thing another thing happened it completely changed the situation. Or the person you thought was good turned bad. Johansen kept you guessing, though one thing she made sure happened was for Nell and Tanek to get their revenge.


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