Merry Christmas, Baby

Merry Christmas, BabyChloe was always considered the wild child but then was tamed, to a point, when she found Sawyer and they married. Now years later Chloe finds herself pregnant. She is scared that she and Sawyer are not equipped to be parents and that they were drifting apart. It will take a Christmas party to bring the couple back together.

Merry Christmas, Baby is a novella to the series Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis which I loved. Now I had read that this is the last story from the series, which I had wondered about. With the previous book I had thought Shalvis was wrapping up especially when she wrote that Lucille was retiring from her matchmaking.

Well I was happy that she wrote this novella to give a final of the entire series. The novella was fantastic. It was sweet, short and to the point, and it felt real. When Chloe and Sawyer ended their story in the third book they were getting their happy ending. Shalvis gives us a look into their lives and it was not perfect, which I liked since then it felt more real. No couple is extremely happy and there are bumps in the road. Chloe and Sawyer have those problems and it doesn’t help they are both stubborn. Though I liked how Sawyer who was not great at showing his emotion got sentimental. He truly loved Chloe and your heart melts.

So with finishing off this novella I have completed the series Lucky Harbor. The great thing is that Shalvis has plenty more series to read which I am sure that I will be exploring in the near future.


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