Secrets of A Summer Night

Secrets of a Summer NightAnnabelle Peyton was desperate to find a suitable husband as her family would soon be on the streets. With the help of three friends they will help her land a husband before the season was over. The only problem was Simon Hunt who made no mistaking his desire to have Annabelle as a mistress.

Simon Hunt was the son of a butcher but left the family business and became an entrepreneur. Simon had become very wealthy but because of his status he was not always entirely welcomed among the peers. His goal lately had been to become closer to Annabelle which was becoming real as he was persistent.

Secrets of a Summer Night is the first book of the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. The previous book I suppose was an introduction to the series which was important as you got to know Marcus a little who will be in the second book. The series is about four woman who became friends due to their wallflower status which brings a certain amount of entertaining.

Annabelle was a woman who needed to marry and marry anyone who was a peer because she needed financial help. You couldn’t blame Annabelle for pursuing Lord Kendall because he fit the guidelines but you wanted her to chose Simon who would at least make her happy. Now Simon was a man who pushed for more. He would never give up. You would think he was a bad guy for wanting Annabelle as a mistress but he wasn’t a bad man, just one who got his way a lot of time. It was good for him to get rejected by Annabelle. Now Annabelle and Simon were different in status but due to circumstances they will become much closer. I liked them together especially as it turns to more, it always was but they were afraid to admit it.

The villain was a peer who was an evil man but thankfully he will get what is coming towards him. The attacker of the villain was a surprise but it brought a smile to my face knowing that the victim would no longer be in danger of the villain.

I am reading the second book next where Marcus and Lillian will finally square off.

Again the Magic

Again the MagicLady Aline Marsden had loved one person and one person only but she would never have him again after she had hurt him. She will see him twelve years later and know that he is there for business but also revenge. She will go along with it as she owed that to John.

John McKenna was of low birth and had found a woman that he loved but knew it would never work. It did not hurt any less when she told him to leave. Twelve years later she still haunt his dreams and knew that he had to find some revenge but he will find that everything he knew might not have been correct.

Again the Magic is a book from the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. I have only read one other from this series, The Devil in Winter, which I will be rereading so I will read the entire series in order.

In this book there are two people who belong together and would have been if not for their birth. The beginning is very happy for the couple so you knew that the fall would come very quickly and Kleypas will make sure the couple are broken up by blackmail and betrayal. You end up hating the villain which is obvious the father but their story is not over because Kleypas will continue their story twelve years later. There is hatred on one side but there is longing on both their sides. I wanted to shake the characters every now and then for being stubborn and not to be truthful. I wanted John to find out the truth about Aline for why she did what she did in the past and present, and I wanted Aline to be truthful and to get over her fear. What she feared was not as bad as she thought. I knew that John and Aline would work it out in the end. I think throughout the book I cheered for that happy ending which I knew would be coming but I wanted the details of that event.

What I thought was interesting was that there was another story being told which is Livia, who is Aline’s sister, and Shaw, who is the partner of John’s from America. They are both flawed characters, one with scandal and one who has a drinking problem. It was sweet how they brought out a new side of each other.

I am continuing on with the series with Secrets of a Summer Night.

Because You’re Mine

Because You're MineLady Madeline Matthews hatched a plan to get herself out of a marriage to a man who was older than her father. She was set out to ruin herself and knew the perfect man to do the job, Logan Scott.

Logan Scott did not trifle with young unmarried woman. He did not trust woman but there was something about Madeline that made him want to forget his rules.

Because You’re Mine is the second book to Capitol Theatre series by Lisa Kleypas. I really liked this book. Kleypas keeps you entertained with the couple eventually finding love and the little banter back and fourth. I liked that I got to read more with the actors that worked at the Capitol Theatre.

Kleypas writes the character of Madeline to be very entertaining. She is young and naive but she was also a very strong willed girl. Although when facing off with Logan she will find her courage and ache of love die as he does not reciprocate. Kleypas writes Logan sometimes to be a villain in a way. Though the reason for Logan’s anger is because he was betrayed by a woman, as I thought from the previous book, but there was more that was hidden about his life. Logan will be betrayed again and he will have to learn to forgive or ask for support. That support comes from Madeline even though he does not want it, he does but he wouldn’t admit it.

It’s hard to have the hero act like a villain sometimes because that will interfere with the happy ending. Although if there are not problems then the book can get very boring. For me Kleypas does not have that problem as all her heroes or heroines are flawed in someway but will always redeem themselves in the end. The romance reader in me cheers for those moments.

I am off to read another series from Lisa Kleyas which is Wallflowers.

Somewhere I’ll Find You

Somewhere I'll Find YouJulia Wentworth and Damon Savage had one thing in common, they were married to each other and had no desire to be. Their parents had married them off when they were children and as adults neither were wanting to be saddled with a spouse. Circumstances will have Julia and Damon finding each other and will be more shocked when they have feelings for each other. Though each are hesitant where that will lead them.

Somewhere I’ll Find You is the first book to the series Capitol Theatre. I found this book to be very entertaining. I was wondering in the beginning if I would like it. There are sometimes when you love the authors writing but on that particular book it just didn’t give you what you wanted. I thought that was going to be the case with the beginning but then you continue and it became engaging and I wanted to know more.

Julia and Damon were given a disservice with being forced to marry without having their knowledge when they were children. It made them become guarded and hesitant to trust. Neither will want each other in their lives until they meet each other and then they feel the desire. You felt for Julia who did want to be loved by Damon but feared that he would take away the one thing that she treasured. Damon was a bit of a player but you really couldn’t fault him too much. He was likeable but he should’ve made more of an attempt to find Julia, Julia should’ve done the same.

Needless to say there will be that happy ending that you long for, it will just take a lot of time persuading and some mending of hearts. I was interested in Logan Scott and what he was running from. I figured it was a woman who had broken his heart but it seemed even more. The answers will be given in the second/last book of the series which I will be reading next.

Prince of Dreams

Prince of DreamsEmma Stokehurst was in love with one man but she could never have him which had her turning towards another. She does not claim to love Prince Nikolas but he allowed her the life she wanted. Emma soon starts to care for her husband when he turns distant. She will force herself to do the same but will be baffled when he changes once again.

Prince Nikolas had lived through abuse and saw what it had done to his brother. He wanted Emma since he had first meet her and he watched her bloom into a woman. He will get what he wanted but then he starts to truly care and even love. He will need to push her away before she understands that she was important to him but then every thing changes.

Prince of Dreams is the second book to the series Stokehurst by Lisa Kleypas. The second book finishes up the series and I have to say it was a really well written novel and I loved that this story was with Emma. I really loved her character. The story provoked a lot of emotion for the romance reader in me. I wanted Emma and Nikolas to have that chance and it seemed that they were doing well but then he becomes a cruel man towards his wife. I hated to read that side of him. I hated what it was doing to Emma. So there were definitely parts that I did not like in the book but it got you to feel and want that happy ending even more.

The paranormal aspect is once again in the book. Nikolas will be having visions but his will go much further. Alright this is a SPOILER ALERT so beware. If you don’t want to read what is going to happen to Nikolas stop reading now! So Nikolas will be thrown into his past but will be his great great grandfather. He will find love and happiness with his wife who looked just like Emma. As I read this part of the book I worried that he would be staying in this time. I wanted him back to the present, to love Emma once again. Well he will get back and become a different man, a man who is not completely tormented.

I loved the change in him but felt that he would really have to work hard to get back in the good graces of his wife. That will happen and there will be a very happy ending but there will be other bumps in the road which will threaten their happiness and safety.

I am continuing on in the list of books from Lisa Kleypas with Somewhere I’ll Find You.


Midnight Angel

Midnight AngelTasia was able to escape her prison and flee from Russia to England. She will find help in her distant cousin who will get her a job as a governess. She needs to stay hidden from those who would take her back. As a governess she thought she would be safe but her employer, Lord Luke Stokehurst, tempts her and she finds that she will want more though she cannot reach for it.

Lord Luke Stokehurst loved his deceased wife and would never marry anyone else. He wanted it to be just himself and his daughter. When the new governess comes to them he knows that she is hiding more and Luke made it his mission to find out her secrets. Though as he spends more time with Tasia he finds that he wants the woman he was coming to know.

Midnight Angel is the first book to the series Stokehurst by Lisa Kleypas. So I really liked this book but I will say the beginning did not grab me right away. I kept going because I knew that I would find myself enjoying the book once I got further into it, and of course that was what happened.

Tasia was a very young woman of eighteen but she was very mature for her age. She was strong willed but there was definitely a softness about her that was very kind to others. Luke had stopped living when his wife had died. With Tasia in his life he started to live his life again. He wanted things and it helped that Tasia truly understood what he had gone through as she lived her own tragedy.

There was a mystery within the book which was what happened when Tasia blacked out. She remembers waking up and holding a bloody knife which is covered in her cousin’s blood. You wonder if Tasia did indeed kill the cousin but in reality you know that it is another person who did the deed. The question was who? Kleypas will give an answer and justice for these characters that will have you satisfied.

I thought that it was interesting that there was a little supernatural mixed into the book. Tasia had visions or dreams of things that will be happening in the future. There is a little vision that happens at the end which make you wonder if that will come true. I will find out in the second book which I will be reading next.

Then Came You

Then Came YouLily Lawson was reckless and wild and loved to shock London. Her next task was to stop her sister from marrying a man who would not make her happy. She will succeed in her plan but Lord Alex will not distance himself from her. Alex will want this spirited woman and they will form an attachment that will lead to love but Lily is still hiding her secret.

Then Came You is the first book to the series Gamblers by Lisa Kleypas. I had read the second book a while ago and loved it. The first book was just as good.

I thought right at the beginning Lily was going to be too wild and not likable but right away you find out that she is searching for her daughter and she is doing what she can to earn money which means playing card games. She plays a role which is effective since everyone believes that she is wild. Due to the insight of who Lily really is I cheered for Lily and for Alex. Now Alex was a man who wanted a calm woman for a wife but his mind will change when that option is taken from him and he sees only Lily. Alex is not a bad man, he is jealous and a little possessive when it comes to Lily but you will forgive him for that since they were right for each other.

I liked the introduction of Derek Craven who is the main character in the second book. I found it sad that he could not have Lily but happy they were still friends. I was okay with Derek not having Lily as I knew he would have his own happy ending in the next novel.

The task of finding Lily’s daughter went all the way up to the very end. I thought that Lily’s daughter’s part of the story was pushed a little to the side but Lily was never far from Lily’s thoughts which kept her in ours. I liked how Kleypas wrote Alex’s involvement and the discovery of the betrayal which was close to Lily.