A Wallflower Christmas

A Wallflower ChristmasRafe Bowman was summoned to England to marry the woman that his father had chosen for him. Rafe will do his duty but then he will meet the companion of the woman he is supposed to marry. He will want Hannah as she was different from every other woman he had met.

Hannah’s sole job was to be her cousin’s companion. She will meet Rafe Bowman and know that he was not for her cousin because of he was a rake. She will be unnerved when she starts to feel things for Rafe and will want him.

A Wallflower Christmas is the last book to the series Wallflowers by Lisa Kleypas. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. After finishing up Daisy’s story I wanted more books to the series and with luck on my side there was one more book to read which was all about Rafe Bowman. Now even though this was Rafe’s story the wallflowers are definitely around and will be helping out. You will also read a little about how their matches are fairing which I was happy to read since they was all still very much in love with their spouses.

Now back to the story with Rafe who was a character I really liked. He was a rake without a doubt but he wanted more and he only realized that when he was with Hannah. He wanted only to be like that with Hannah and as they grew closer it kept getting hotter between them. I liked Hannah who was smart and was one who wanted love, though she kept that to herself. I wanted her to go after what she wanted and not stay in the background. She does get the courage but heartbreak is close to her as she knows that Rafe could never be hers, though I knew that Kleypas would never let our hero and heroine be miserable. They would get their happy ending.

The character Natalie I didn’t really hate but didn’t really like. She was too spoiled at times which made her annoying. I didn’t want her to be with Rafe because they would be a disastrous together. I was happy with how Kleypas wrote the ending, so there were no complaints.

I have come to the end of the books which I have in my pile to read from Lisa Kleypas. There are only a few more that she had written which I haven’t read yet and I know that I will be back for more.

2 thoughts on “A Wallflower Christmas

  1. Wow! you have been through all of Lisa Kleypas’ novels!! I have missed many as I’ve mentioned and I hope to do some rereading of favorite series this summer. I’ve been focused on new releases for a long time and now I’d like to mix it up a bit.

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