Suddenly You

Suddenly YouAmanda Briars was going to make sure that on her thirtieth birthday she would no longer be a virgin. She had paid money for a man but will find out that the man who was at her door was not aware of the deal she made. Amanda will be even more shocked to find herself in the man’s presence at a ball.

Jack Devlin was the bastard son of a nobleman who did not want him. Jack prided himself on his publishing company and wanted Amanda Briars, both professional and in the bedroom.

Suddenly You is a standalone novel by Lisa Kleypas. I really loved this book. It made me smile and with each page I wanted more.

I really liked the character Jack. He was an illegitimate son of a nobleman and came from little but raised himself to be a self made man. He had scruples and tried his best to stay away from Amanda. Of course the desire that he feels for the woman becomes overwhelming and he will take that step. Jack was not alone in his feelings as Amanda wanted him as well but she had to make sure she was discreet. Her place in society and the sale of her books counted on her reputation. I liked that she did loosen up with Jack’s help and I thought their banter back and forth was charming and it pushed the right buttons for them to be intimate.

Lisa Kleypas can write a romance novel and I fell in love with these characters and with how it ended.

Well with this book done I am off to read more of Lisa Kleypas.


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