Where Dreams Begin

Where Dreams BeginZachary Bronson has risen from a poor man to a wealthy one but he needs an aristocratic wife to set his place into society. He needs a place in society to help his sister find a suitable husband. He will first have to learn about society which is where Lady Holly Taylor will help due to his negotiating.

Lady Holly Taylor has come out of mourning but she still misses her husband. She will however start to feel things towards a man whom would be inappropriate for her to associate with.

Where Dreams Begin is another standalone novel from Lisa Kleypas. I liked the book. There are sometimes books that just tell a story about the characters and this one was definitely one of them.

Holly missed her husband still after three years since his death which showed that Holly truly loved her husband. That was good but it stopped her from living again. She will find a life once again with being close to Zach and helping him and his family. It was like she woke up from the coma she had been in. Now Zach was not a gentleman in the traditional way of England’s gentleman. I liked that about him. He was definitely rough around the edges and even with the polishing that Holly was doing the man he was could not be hidden. There is an attraction on both sides but both are unwilling to take that step since they knew it would not lead them anywhere. Though that only last so long.

I thought the ending was well done. It looked to be like a happy ending right up to the last couple pages, but then something tragic happened and it was a close call for the couple to be happy. Kleypas does not disappoint us with writing a unhappy ending, Holly and Zach will find that happiness which I was waiting for since the beginning of the book.


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