Stranger In My Arms

Stranger in My ArmsLady Larissa “Lara” Hawksworth’s husband had been taken away from her. She will find out a year later that her husband had reappeared and was coming back home. Lara knew that others thought she was thrilled but inside she was dreading it as their marriage was not a happy one. She will be confused by the man that claimed to be her husband as she wanted him but wondered if she could trust him.

Stranger In My Arms is a standalone novel by Lisa Kleypas. I absolutely loved this book. I really liked Lara who was sweet, kind and deserved that happiness she had not received before. I liked Hunter or the imposter. I thought he was a very good man but there was more to him than what was on the surface.

Throughout the book there was the question was the man who claimed to be her husband really her husband. I really liked the mystery behind this idea. For me I was captivated with wanting to know if Hunter was really back or if he was a fraud. I thought it was great with how I kept going back and forth thinking that he was but then with one line from Kleypas I was changing my mind. There are many facts that prove he is Hunter but there are several points which give you doubts. Kleypas doesn’t reveal the truth until the very end.

The villain of the book can be several people that Kleypas writes about. The clearest villain is Rachel’s, who Lara’s sister, husband. He beats her and gets away with it. There was not be a happy ending for Rachel’s husband which gave Rachel a chance at happiness I am happy to say.

I am going to continue with more Kleypas books next, though which one I am not sure. I will just have to go through the pile and choose.


2 thoughts on “Stranger In My Arms

  1. I absolutely Love Lisa Kleypa’s Historicals. I’m really not keen on her contemporary novels.

    • I can understand that as her historical romances are pretty fantastic. I will say that I read her Friday Harbor series and thought it was really good. There is her other contemporary series Travis. I haven’t tried it as the description just didn’t do anything for me.

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