Love Come To Me

Love Come to MeHeath Rayne, a charming Southerner, will find himself playing hero to Lucinda Caldwell who had fallen through the ice. He had wanted to meet her since he had first set his eyes upon her. He wants to be with her and will find a way.

Lucinda Caldwell was set to be married to her lifelong love but when she finds Heath her mind will change. She will fight against her feelings but it will only last so long. She will find her life changing and married to a man she does not know.

Love Come To Me is a standalone novel by Lisa Kleypas. I really liked this novel though there were parts that annoyed me at times. One part was when Lucy was acting too much like a child. She got a little annoying at times with how she acted but then you understood that she was not satisfied with how her life was turning out but too afraid to make that change. A change is forced upon her and she will embrace it eventually. The character Heath was an interesting one. I liked him as he was a good man, charming but thoughtful. He just did not tell everything that needed to be said which will get him into trouble with Lucy.

I liked most of the characters. Daniel, who was Lucy’s fiance, was not a bad man but not the one for Lucy. I thought him a coward for just not being honest with Lucy since they had been friends for so long. Then there was Raine who was from Heath’s past. She wanted to get him back which of course I didn’t want. I am happy to say that Heath is a very good man and loved his wife, so there was nothing to worry about in that case.

At the end of the book we get our happy ending but towards the end it almost looked like that would not happen. The ending is sweet with what Lucy finds out and you can’t help but smile at the declaration of love.

With reading this book I have a wanting to read more from Lisa Kleypas and found some more books of hers that I am sure I will enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Love Come To Me

  1. Gayle, this is one I haven’t read. I’m a fan of Lisa Kleypas and there are so many I have missed. I went to her website and her book list is practically endless.

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