The Perfect Witness

The Perfect WitnessTeresa Casali has always been different which made her an asset in her father’s business but with a new man taking over she was in trouble and her life would soon be forfeited. She will escape with the help of Andre Mandak. She will have to change her name to Allie Girard and be out of the spotlight but knows trouble is never far behind and after seven years she will be in trouble once again.

Andre Mandak helped Teresa escape from the men who would kill her or hurt her. Andre could not let that happen since he needed her gift. He will train Allie and make her stronger in control so she would be ready to battle when he needed her.

The Perfect Witness is a novel by Iris Johansen. I liked this story a lot. It was a gripping thriller that got me right from the start of the story. I was intrigued by the powers which Teresa/Allie had, as well as Mandak.

Allie is a strong character. She has to be because of her environment which she had been brought up in. Mandak is a man on a mission and would not stop until he gets revenge. They are both driven. I thought it was interesting how Allie got stronger in control, she wasn’t perfect with her control, while Mandak got softer when it came to Allie. He started to care which made him lose sight of his goal but not entirely as it was still his main focus.

I found it interesting that the two men who were considered villains did not want to use Allie but kill her. I would have thought they would want to use her powers but she was too much of a threat. Then there is the mother who I considered the worst villain as she doesn’t even care if her daughter were to live or die.

Now throughout the book it is all about action and control of their powers. There is a sexual tension that floats between Mandak and Allie but nothing ever happens between them. Johansen makes sure that the characters will get together. Sometimes when this happens it is not placed in the right spot within the book but I thought Johansen placed the scene well. It did not make the plot weak but gave strength to the characters.

When I got towards the middle of the book there was two characters mentioned Megan and Grady. I have read plenty of Iris Johansen books over the years and remembered these characters from the novel Pandora’s Daughter. I like how Johansen revisits some of the characters she had written previously.


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