Desire Becomes Her

Desire Becomes HerGillian Dashwood had enjoyed her first marriage in the beginning but her husband had changed and he became a different man, a man that she did not love especially as he offered her up to pay a wager. Gillian will find freedom when her husband will be murdered and she is suspected but never accused. She survives the rumors but two years later the rumors are there and someone knows what had happened about her husbands wager that night. She will find help from Lucien Joslyn who is a friend of her uncle’s. Together they will find out what happened that night and more.

Desire Becomes Her is the sixth to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. I absolutely loved this book. I liked the previous one but it didn’t grab me. I was grabbed right away into the plot with the sixth book and only wanted more which propelled me to continue with the book. I kept flipping the pages wanting to know who was the murderer.

I liked Gillian and how strong she had to make herself become especially with her first husband. She built a tough exterior especially with the rumors but Luc will break through them. His seductive ways will help him in that task. Within the last book you got to know him but now you get to read about his character and yes he is charming and seductive but you liked him because he wasn’t a bad man. I was cheering for Gillian and Luc to find a way to be with each other and of course they do. I also liked that they were a team especially when it came down to finding the murder but Luc still kept things from Gillian and she was the same way. That will not stop love from blooming and when trust happens their happy ending is not far behind.

There was more mystery within the novel which got my interest because there was something to solve. I will say that I did not guess the villain but it made sense once they were revealed.

As I am done with the series it is time to move on to another author.


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