Rapture Becomes Her

Rapture Becomes HerEmily Townsend took it upon herself to save her family from ruin and she started smuggling goods where she was the leader. She will find herself entering dangerous waters especially when her men bring back a man who appeared to have almost drowned.

Barnaby, the new Viscount Joslyn, had been almost killed by drowning. He will do whatever he can to find out who had tried to kill him. He will find help from the woman who had helped save him. Together they will find out the villains.

Rapture Becomes Her is the fifth book to the series Becomes Her by Shirlee Busbee. Throughout reading this series I have liked these books and I will say that I liked the book but it wasn’t my favorite among the others. There was nothing wrong with the book. The writing was well done and I liked the characters of Emily and Barnaby. I thought the idea of the smuggling ring was interesting plot especially with how Emily played into the smuggling.

This story had several villains that drifted around the book that were some for Emily and some for Barnaby. Well needless to say our hero’s were able to get rid of their villains with the help of each other and others around them.

I will be reading the sixth book next which is the last book of the series.

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