The Marriage Trap

the Marriage TrapMichael Conte needs a wife quickly to satisfy the family tradition so his sister is able to marry. He wasn’t sure that Maggie was the right choice but she was his only option. As they pretend he finds that the feelings he had been hiding were starting to come out.

Maggie Ryan was propositioned by Michael to be a fake bride for one week. She agrees as long as he stays away from her married best friend. As she spends time with Michael and his family she realizes she made a mistake because they were making her feel things for him.

The Marriage Trap is the second book to the series. Once again I really loved this book. There was more to these characters than I had believed, especially Maggie.

Maggie was a skilled photographer but she kept a wall up and did not get close to anyone. She made the rules and was always the one in control. You find out more about Maggie and her past is pretty tragic. She is not just the rich girl. I hated what happened to her in high school which shaped her to the woman she was today. Though she will have a chance to heal thanks to Michael, of course that comes a little later in the book. Michael was the man of the family since his father passed away and took it seriously, possibly a little too much. Although Michael is a good man with a good heart and was just trying his best.

The chemistry between Maggie and Michael is electric but they keep it at a distance because both of them are afraid to take that step. Though within the trip that will change but fears will still be there especially with Maggie who is terrified to take the next step. It also didn’t help that Maggie was sure Michael wanted her best friend Alexa but that will get sorted out eventually. The ending was sweet and you will want to cheer for Maggie and Michael as they get that happy ending.

I am going to have to try more from this author.

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