BreakawayPilot Claire Lundstorm did not know that her family’s airline was in trouble but she will quickly find out that fact. She will have to try to find a way to help her family but will be distracted by the new pilot, Max Varo. Claire finds herself falling in love with the pilot but will soon discover he is not telling her everything about him.

Max Varo is a billionaire but for the purpose of possibly obtaining an airline he will play the part of a bush pilot. He figures that he could get some flying in along with finding out information on the airline. Max did not expect to start to fall for Claire and will be in a dilemma when he withholds information.

Breakaway is the second book to the series Last Bachelor Standing. I liked the book. I felt that it was very fast paced read and I was entertained throughout the book. Now even though it was very predictable you couldn’t help but want to read how the story would finish up. I mean when Max withheld the information about him being a billionaire and coming to look at the airline you knew there would be trouble. You also knew that a woman like Claire would not like being lied too but as this is a romance there are ways to get back to that happy ending. There were some cute things added into the story that gave it humor and then there was a little danger but that wrapped up pretty quickly. I wouldn’t mind reading the other two books with Adam and then Dylan.

Overall this is a quick and fun romance.

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