A Hellion in Her Bed

A Hellion in Her BedLord Jarret Sharpe was the family gambler and was good at it. With his grandmothers decree he made another proposal to run the brewery for one year to avoid marriage. It worked and Jarret was in charge but his gambling ways will find him in a enticing proposal with Miss Annabel Lake.

Annabel Lake was in need of some help with her family’s brewery and she had to wager to get that help from Lord Jarret Sharpe. She knows that she is risking a lot with the man especially since she was withholding information from him but she needed the help.

A Hellion in Her Bed is the second book to the series Hellions of Halstead Hall by Sabrina Jeffries. This was another really entertaining book from the author.

Jarret was a good man and was driven especially when it came to card games. He will take the wager which will be his undoing. It wasn’t like anything bad would happen to him but it would show him a woman that he just might want more from. I liked Annabel. She was a determined woman who did what she needed to do. She had sacrificed a great deal to have the life she lived. They were similar in this aspect.

Secrets are part of this book. First is with the parents murder and then with Annabel. You already knew the secret Annabel was holding but I was wondering how Jarret would take the secret. It could have gone several ways but you will have to remember that Jarret is a good man, so there was only one way it could have gone.

The idea of the parents murder was thought to be solved but yet it appears with every book something else will be uncovered and you are left with more questions. There will be answers to the mystery but of course that comes at the fifth book. I like and don’t like that I know the answer but it is fun to read how the mystery is being revealed.

I will be reading How to Woo a Reluctant Lady next which will be with Minerva.


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