Scandalous Summer Nights

Scandalous Summer NightsLady Olivia Sherbourne has loved James Averill for the last ten years. She will hear that he is to go to Egypt at the end of the summer and knows that she needs to tell him of her feelings. Olivia will go forward with telling him but it does not go as planned, though all hope is not lost especially when she will find James eventually kissing her back later on.

James Averill had dreamed of going to Egypt and was finally getting the chance to go. His plan will be changed when he finds himself starting to kiss Olivia. He had never truly thought of Olivia that way but found himself wanting her more each moment they were together.

Scandalous Summer Nights is the third book to the series Honeycote by Anne Barton. This was another excellent book from the author. Anne Barton is becoming a favorite of mine. She writes with a style and its very easy. I fly through the pages whenever I pick up a book from her.

Alright now at the beginning of the book I thought Olivia was a little too naive. In the other books I liked her and wanted to read her story. Now throughout the book she grows up. She still has that charm and silliness that makes her character but she thinks about helping James with what he wants most. I love the ending and how Olivia surprised the man she loved. James is a man who has wanted one thing which was to explore. He never thought that he would be soon forced to be engaged to his best friends sister. I liked James and later on in the book he lightens up and you get to know him which of course made him more personable. I thought it was interesting how James and Olivia shared similar childhood stories which they were not proud of, though they did their best to rectify that treatment.

The romance was certainly on one side which was Olivia’s but that will change when James will continue to be at her side and have plenty moments to get closer to her. Once they are both on the same page the romance is sweet, tender and full of passion which will have you sighing and wanting more.

I can’t wait to read Rose’s story which is being released in October of 2015. I had thought that Rose’s story would be the last but then a surprise happens and the Duke, Olivia and Rose find out that they have a half sister Sophie. I have a feeling that Anne Barton will be including this new sister in the series, though only time will tell. Either way I can’t wait to read the next installment to the series with Rose.


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