All I Ever Wanted

All I Ever WantedCallie Grey was in love with her boss but her life will turn upside down when he will become engaged to the new employee who brought in a big client. Callie was distressed and found the way to get him back was to make him jealous with dating the vet, but things will change when she will start to feel things for Ian.

Ian McFarland was the new vet in town and his business was going downhill. He will ask Callie for help but he was reserved about asking as she was much more impulsive and that scared him. He will take a chance furthering a relationship with Callie but is afraid to get hurt.

All I Ever Wanted is a novel by Kristan Higgins and I really like it. I have read three books from this author and have loved them. Her writing feels real like I could see these people in real life. The same can be said for Callie and Ian. I liked Callie and her reckless feelings that were overwhelming for her and made her sad and happy. I even liked her impulsive behavior but at times these emotions got her in trouble. Now Ian was a man who played on his emotions as well but they were moody. He never really smiled but he will get a reason to once he lets go and starts to open up.

The romance is subtle as there is fire but it is not overwhelming that is until they come to a point where they both trust each other. Of course there will be a downfall when the trust is tested and not everything will be going towards the happy ending. One factor was Fleur. I disliked her for the sole reason of her trying to ruin Callie’s relationship all because this woman has low morals and low self esteem. I wanted Callie to stand up and she did it just wasn’t to be vengeful. Then there was also Mark who was a good guy but really oblivious to what was in front of him. I didn’t like he was trying to get Callie back just for the company and trying to use her love to entice her back. He wasn’t cruel just a man who thought about his work as it was his life. Although I don’t like him so much as he almost ruined what Callie and Ian had going on.

With reading this book I smile thinking of these characters and can’t wait to find my next Kristan Higgins book to read.


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