Married by Midnight

Married by MidnightLord Garrett Sinclair was back home after seven years due to a request by his family. He was to marry which would ensure his inheritance and he could then go back. Garrett did not want a marriage made out of love and that was what he was getting but as he spent time with Lady Anne he was becoming weakened by her. He wanted more from this woman.

Lady Anne Douglas looked at a marriage of convenience to be her way out of her Uncle’s home and to ensure her own freedom as she would receive an allowance to live on her own. With having a ruined reputation Anne would take what she was given and it will surprise her when she starts to feel things for the man she was going to marry.

Married by Midnight is the fourth book from the Pembroke Palace by Julianne MacLean. I liked the story. I was immediately swept up into the characters and plot that MacLean wrote for the series. This book was a novella so much shorter than the other books from the series but still very entertaining to read as MacLean captures her characters well.

Lady Anne was prepared for a loveless marriage due to her mistake which resulted in a ruined reputation. Then there was Garrett who wanted a loveless marriage as well due to a betrayal. All in all they should be perfect for each other. They would marry and keep away from each other but that rarely happens especially because they have to portray a happy couple around Garrett’s father who is quite crazy. Through this love starts to blossom there will still be Garrett roadblocking them from that path, but it wouldn’t be for long.

Within the story there are plenty ups and downs and I felt for the character of Garrett and the relationship he had with her father. It broke my heart but in the circumstances you could understand why things were said. I liked that those fences were being mended but it was only because the father literally went a little crazy.

So now that I have read the second and the fourth book I will have to find the rest to finish up the series.


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