The Husbands Secret

The Husband's SecretCecilia Fitzpatrick finds a letter written by her husband that is only to be opened if he had died. Cecilia is obviously curious and her husband will become frantic with the mention of the letter. Cecilia will open the letter as she will wonder what her husband is trying to hide which unfolds a mystery and will change several lives.

The Husband’s Secret is a novel by Liane Moriarty. I was recommended this book by my book club and I thought I would give it a chance. I was certainly intrigued with these three women, Cecilia, Tess and Rachael. Their stories are separated by chapters but throughout the book they will blend together as they are interacting with each other within the book.

I liked how Moriarty wrote the storyline with these three women and how they are connected someway to each other in the circumstances of Janie’s, Rachael’s daughter, who was killed years ago. Now there was some pretty horrible things that were written in this book with what happened to some of the characters like what Cecilia found out in her husbands letter or the despair Rachael was feeling since her daughters death. For me though I was drawn towards Tess and her problem with her husband and cousin. I felt bad for her and wanted her to find a way to be happy again. She finds it with Connor who was connected to Janie as a potential boyfriend back in the day and was the prime suspect in her murder. I liked Connor so I was hoping he wasn’t the killer.

I thought Moriarty built up the scene well when the true killer was revealed. I wasn’t expecting the person to be the killer but it made sense and the book just takes off from there as the characters who were living in ignorance were now driven with guilt. The need to tell the truth is great for some while others just want to bury the truth, but the truth never stays buried forever.

In the end the secrets were mostly out and people have moved on but the guilt of certain things were still there. Moriarty ended the last chapter and how she explained that the characters will never know certain facts about how their lives would have been impacted if they did go to an appointment or hear a person shout out to them. So for me the ending I wasn’t sure how I felt about the ending. It was a good ending to the book but it wasn’t the happy ending that you would normally like. Of course this is not a cheerful book.


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